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Create or Amend Property Deeds with our Help

Whether you need to amend a current deed or file a new one because of a change in circumstances, you can always rely on the professionals at We The People Central Coast to assist you in creating and filing the proper legal documents.


We've been helping customers with their legal document needs for 30 years. We provide prompt service at prices that are often 50% - 70% less than what an attorney would charge. Just fill out the proper questionnaire and we will do the rest for a fee of between $99-$119 per deed, plus county recorder fees

We can prepare changes in ownership documents regarding properties in California.

Our deed services include:

  • Grant Deed

  • Quit Claim Deed

  • Interspousal Deed

  • Affidavit of Death

  • Deeds of Trust

  • Reconveyance Deeds

  • Promissory Notes

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"When we were refinancing our house, the bank wanted us to take our property out of our Living Trust. I wanted to make sure we got our new loan and still had the protection of the Trust. We The People took care of transferring it out and then back into the Living Trust. It was so easy".


"When my dad passed away, my mom needed to remove his name from the property so she could refinance. We The People took care of everything and the process was complete in a matter of days. They even got us a copy of old deed my mom could not find".

Here is how we've got it done for you:

  • You fill out our questionnaire

  • We prepare the deed and if the property  is in California we prepare the change in  ownership documents

  • We provide all notaries at no additional  cost


All notaries are included and we provide an optional courier service to record local deeds for an additional fee