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Living Trust package start at $499 and include:

  • Articles of Trust

  • Pour Over Will

  • Durable Power of Attorney

  • Health Care Directive

  • Final Disposition Authorization Instructions

  • Summary of Estate Planning Provisions

  • Personal information section to provide direction to your Successor Trustee

  • Deeds for Real Property at the cost of $99 each

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Protect your Family's Future with a Living Trust

We can prepare your living trust, will and powers of attorney, plus any real property transfer deeds at a fraction of what you will pay an attorney or estate planner


Having a will does not necessarily mean that your family will avoid probate proceedings regarding your estate. Prevent your family from having to spend time and money on probate by setting up a living trust at We The People Central Coast.


We make it easy and stress-free to set up a living trust without the extra cost of hiring an attorney. We use the same software that many attorneys do in creating the legal documents required to establish a living trust for you and your family.

Download our convenient questionnaires to get started on creating your living trust:

•   Joint living trust questionnaire

•   Single living trust questionnaire

Why is a living trust important to you?

A living trust establishes clearly who you wish to inherit your assets upon your death. It also establishes who will take care of your children, who will carry out the wishes of the living trust, and who will take care of you and your affairs when you get older. Rest assured when you hire us.


A living trust also:


•  Saves your loved ones thousands of

  dollars by avoiding probate proceedings

•  Saves them the time and hassle of    


•  Allows them to inherit the assets you

  have assigned to them with little delay

•  Can be amended or revoked at any time

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"I always thought doing a Living Trust was going to be difficult, time consuming and expensive. We The People made it easy, fast and for much less than I expected".


"I put it off for a long time, but I knew it was important for my grown kids, so they would know what I wanted, and would not need lawyers to help them get what is theirs. We The People helped me gain peace of mind".

Living Trust package

We're here to help you

You complete our easy questionnaire and provide us with any current deeds for real property. You review the Trust, Will and Powers of Attorney, and sign the appropriate documents. We provide all the required notaries and will record your deeds for an optional fee, so once you leave our office you have a properly executed Living Trust package. You can even save yourself a trip by completing the fill-able questionnaires on this site.

We provide all necessary notaries at no additional cost to you!